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The earth is giving us the best answer

possible and the animal world begins to revive our company.


Nature is a cornerstone of our project. Enriching the area is a fundamental step and for this reason we are planting Mediterranean scrub, flowering plants, olive trees and fruit trees; to support reforestation we have integrated eight families of bees, which have been producing honey for a year: wildflower and eucalyptus. We are also working on the creation of pedestrian paths and rest areas that allow you to enjoy the nature and installations of the Cultural Park that is taking shape. Last year we adopted two Asinara ponies, Mirto and Vega, which we leave free to graze on the ground during the day, and bring back to the stable in the evening. Our effort to reforest the area, a barren countryside of the Sardinian Campidano, is starting to give results: the earth is giving us the best possible answer and the animal world is starting to revive our company. Wild hares and cattle egrets, hoopoes and hawks can be observed.


The goal is not only to use the products grown in our land for the menus of the farm, but also to use wild herbs and fruits as much as possible.

We use the olives of the Semidana and the Nera di Gonnos to prepare the brine, the olive olives to flavor the dishes and we hope to be able to produce our oil too soon.

For several years we have been harvesting our pearls, plums, lemons, figs, prickly pears and myrtle, which we also use to prepare jams, fruit juices and liqueurs. We have also planted orange, mandarin, apple and medlar plants.

The search for spontaneous species has led us to the discovery of many known edible plants and fruits, such as mushrooms, beets or asparagus, but also of many used in the past and forgotten, which are also rich in properties, extremely tasty: among these the purslane, mallow, the navel of venus, hypericum.

We collect and transform some herbs, both spontaneous and not, also for the creation of herbal teas and oils for skin care.

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