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Campidarte is an example of the reconversion of industrial activity in a creative key, but it is also something more.


Campidarte is an example of the conversion of industrial activity

in a creative way, but it is also something more:

in addition to giving a new dimension to spaces, in fact,

the focus was on the equipment of the abandoned business. Originally designed for completely different uses, they have become the object of study and experimentation for the creation of products that interact with the surrounding environment.

We have thus given new life to unused materials by combining aesthetics and sustainability, creating seats,

shelving and lamps that have been

the first furnishing accessories of the farmhouse room.

Some of our products, particularly versatile, have aroused the interest of different realities, leading us to embark on a new path of collaborations for the creation of sets and fittings for spaces and events, public and private.
At the same time we have developed a design studio that collaborates with local artisans, iron and wood workers, and developed a line of versatile and customizable products (such as the Amorfo series). We take care of projects at 360 °, from the initial design to the realization, and finally to the installation of the furniture.

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