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Campidarte is a reality

constantly evolving, a forge,

a place of exchange,

a factory

of imagination.


Campidarte - Campidano, cradle of project + art, origin of the idea - was born in Sardinia in 2012 as an experimental artistic and production center, the result of the meeting of different creative personalities.

The desire to combine design with nature, as well as the desire to reinvent the idea of ​​working in a place out of common contexts, were the engines that gave way to the process.
Professional training and a passion for research and experimentation have allowed Campidarte to become an artistic and productive hub, around which designers, artists and artisans gravitate.
We are a constantly evolving reality, a forge, a place of exchange, a factory of imagination. But also a point of reference for artistic and productive realities - near and far - which offers the opportunity to express themselves and meet.

In the last year and a half we have further expanded our borders, joining the Workaway project, which has allowed us to meet people from all over the world, driven to travel and to come to us following impulses, curiosities, interests.


The project is developed in the area of ​​the CIO farm (operating for fifty years in the poultry sector), 16 hectares of pure countryside, overlooking the two centers of Ussana and Monastir.
The company has been involved for several years in a redevelopment plan that is part of the Campidarte project, of which it has been promoting since 2012. The plan provides for the renovation of three disused agricultural sheds, reforestation and maintenance of the land. for the creation of a Cultural Park, a non-permanent open-air gallery of murals, sculptures and installations.

What do we do.

Campidarte is a driving force of languages ​​and expressions ranging from art, design and sustainable agriculture. During these years, artist residencies, laboratory activities, workshops and debates, food and wine events and cultural events related to the world of art, music and crafts have been held.
All the activities had and have as their main objective that of sensitizing users to the knowledge and respect of art, in all its forms, and of nature. We want to encourage the consumption of local products, promote the values ​​of eco-sustainability and the reuse of materials.

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